NVIDIA Deep Learning AMI vs AWS Deep Learning AMIs comparison

1. NVIDIA Deep Learning AMI

The NVIDIA Deep Learning AMI is an optimized environment for running the GPU-optimized deep learning and HPC containers from the NVIDIA NGC Catalog.
The deep learning containers on the NGC container registry require this AMI for GPU acceleration on AWS P4D, P3 and G4 GPU instances.

2. AWS Deep Learning AMIs

2.1. Conda AMIs

For developers who want pre-installed pip packages of deep learning frameworks in separate virtual environments

a Conda-based AMI with separate Python environments for deep learning frameworks created using Conda—a popular open source package and environment management tool

2.2. Base AMIs

For developers who want a clean slate to set up private deep learning engine repositories or custom builds of deep learning engines

a Base AMI with GPU drivers and libraries to deploy your own customized deep learning models