Nvidia TAO Pretrained Classification

Image Classification is a popular computer vision technique in which an image is classified into one of the designated classes based on the image features.
This model card contains pretrained weights of most of the popular classification models.
These weights that may be used as a starting point with the classification app in Train Adapt Optimize (TAO) Toolkit to facilitate transfer learning.

It is trained on a subset of the Google OpenImages dataset.
Following backbones are supported with these detection networks:

  • resnet10/resnet18/resnet34/resnet50/resnet101
  • vgg16/vgg19
  • googlenet
  • mobilenet_v1/mobilenet_v2
  • squeezenet
  • darknet19/darknet53
  • efficientnet_b0
  • cspdarknet19/cspdarknet53

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